Hookup Ireland

A few short years back, a no strings attached Ireland relationship was not too commonplace.

There’s always been this traditionalist view that nice Irish girls do not have sex (at least pre-marital) which has always weighed on the women like an albatross.

Thankfully, for those of us interested in NSA sex Ireland, societal views towards sex have evolved the world over, and Ireland is not getting left behind.

No strings dating is the new norm these days, and while our grandparents will still consider it an erosion of values, truth is, the times have changed. You don’t have to wait it out until your wedding night to enjoy free sex Ireland.

There are many women looking for sex without commitment. The work lies in knowing where to look, and when you do, how to attract them.

In years past, the default setting when you wanted NSA sex would be to hit the few watering holes in town known to be havens for females looking to mingle. And hope to get lucky.

You would be in competition with the throng of other lads eyeing the small pool of single women Ireland in the house, lying in wait like a harem in the jungle waiting for the males to slag it out to win over the breeding rights.

Tough times.

Hook up sites Ireland have since changed that narrative.

Casual Sex Ireland

All you need do to get laid nowadays is hop on an NSA sex site – of which there are PLENTY of them – set up a profile, announce your intentions, and embark on your quest straight away without having to step out of the house.

But then comes the very important question of how to find NSA sex once you’re registered on your site or app of choice.

Here’s the catch: majority of the girls you find on casual dating apps are also looking for sex Ireland.


Girls CAN (and DO) like sex too.

And guess what else?

Many are okay skipping the dating formalities and jumping straight to bed after the first date.

That doesn’t make a girl a whore. If anything, most of us men find the particulars of courtship too tedious and would be absolutely okay to find a quick fuck, even if that takes us an hour to find.

Our female counterparts seem to agree too.

A revealing survey by Victoria Milan (a hook up website Ireland for attached and married people) found out that:

• 54% of Irish women on the site were happy to find a lover and sleep with them STRAIGHT AWAY.

• 66% of these women made up their mind during the date that they were going to have sex – ie. as the date was ongoing.

• Another 66% said that the fastest way to get them to take off their knickers was if the man was “extra sensitive”.

• The biggest turn off was? Getting drunk during the date.

Ireland Fuck Buddies

Okay, the primary focus is single girls Ireland, but working with what we have, there are a few nuggets we can deduce from this data coming straight from the horse’s mouth:

• Casual no strings dating is increasingly becoming a common thing in the country.

• There are many women out there actively looking for fuck buddy.

• Provided you play your cards right, there is a big chance of getting laid in Ireland on Day 1 after meeting the girl.

That’s it lads.

In a nutshell:

• The onus is on you to lure the girl and have her agree to meet you in person – this, if you ask us, is half the battle won already if you manage to get to this point.

• Be nice during the date – You know too well Irish girls are a chatty bunch, so being a good sounding board will always be a big plus.

Be the man. That means dressing like a gentleman and being attentive and helpful. Women like it when you can show them you’re capable of listening, taking the lead (and taking initiative), and displaying self-confidence (without it spilling over into arrogance).

• Stay flexible and stay open if you’re looking for happy endings.

The Big Question for anyone looking for a fuck buddy Ireland is – How do you make the object of your desire interested in you?

That’s the issue we will be tackling in this guide.

We will share tips on how to attract girls looking for sex, including the do’s and don’ts.

We will also reveal the different types of casual encounters there are, and of course a casual dating article would be remiss without sharing the best casual sex sites Ireland to do your hunting on.

BBW Ireland

Ireland Dating – 4 Tips To Get Numbers And Dates

Such was a time when the only way to get a fuck buddy near me was to go out in person and interact with members of the opposite sex.

Whether that be at a bar or business forum, casual dating Ireland involved approaching women straight up before you got the dice rolling.

But we live in a different era. Today’s world is more about swiping on online platforms to find sex partners we feel attracted to. Still, the end goal remains the same: we want to meet an attractive girl and get laid Ireland.

For that to happen, though, we need to present ourselves in the best light possible.

That starts with creating a kickass profile on one of the many free hook up sites Ireland (or two or three). You’ll then need to do some digging around to find suitable matches.

Once your target has been marked out and contact has been initiated – and in an ideal world the two of you hit it off – you then arrange to meet in person, before the encounter culminates with some proper action between the sheets.

As you are bound to find out, the biggest challenge of wooing women looking for sex is to transition the encounter from the online platform to the real world.

Obviously, for a girl to give you her number (despite the fact that she needs the sex too) means you have to catch her attention in some way.

That’s why you have to come up with a strategy that makes you stand out from the hundreds of other guys looking to meet and fuck Ireland and probably eyeing the same women as you.

The competition may be stiff, but on the upside, most men either…
a). have ZERO clue how to properly approach women online and
b). for the few that do, a large percentage succumb to some common faux pas that always see their efforts turn to custard.

In other words…

Knowing how to make the right approach and steering clear of the common hookup sites Ireland pitfalls instantly gives you a leg up over the competition.

The good news is, a good approach when looking for some NSA fun near me doesn’t entail a magic recipe stowed away in some secret vault that only a few have access to. (Or does it?)

It’s just basic stuff that most guys are not aware of (because, who’s teaching us this stuff unless your Dad was a total Playa).

You see, beautiful women looking for no strings sex receive dozens of messages every day. The idea, thus, is to zig while every other male looking to get her naked zags, if you want to come across as different.

Question is, what should you do different when approaching potential fuck buddies Ireland to boost your chances of having them agree to a physical date?


Fuck Buddies In Ireland

Tip #1: Get the timing right

Timing is an important factor when you’re trying to find a quick fuck online and moving the interaction offline.

But letting your balls dictate the course of the proceedings is a mistake many men make. You’re different. And being different means you do not want to move too quickly, else you risk coming across as just another desperate bloke.

While your initial motive when joining free sex sites Ireland is to find nsa sex near me, it’s best to start by getting to know the girl a bit before asking for her number.

The problem with asking for the number straight away is she might think it’s something you do with other girls on the site – and she won’t want to be part of your blanket approach.

Sure, girls are on the Irish hook up sites for the sex, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be made to feel special – that’s an inherent part of them.


Special doesn’t mean…
a) fawning over every cailin’ you come across on adult dating sites Ireland and
b) bending over backwards in a bid to get them to talk to you. It makes you appear desperate – a cardinal sin in dating, casual or regular – but worse still, you’re only devaluing yourself in the woman’s eyes.

Women DON’T want low value men. They want high value, self-validating men.


You don’t want to wait too long to ask for her number. That might be perceived as being…
a) disinterested or a time-waster OR
b) too hesitant and a man who is unable to take control.

Women want you to lead, otherwise, being too hesitant will most likely to land you in the friend zone in the real world. On Irish hook up sites, you’re more likely to find yourself in a cul-de-sac, aka dead end, leaving you wondering why the girl who seemed so genuinely interested suddenly went cold on you.

HINT: She just turned her attention to other adult fuck buddies.

Sucks, doesn’t it?

Fortunately, you can AVOID going down that path that leads to nowhere. As a rule of thumb, if you have initiated contact and already exchanged multiple messages and seem to be getting on nicely, seize the moment and exchange contacts.

A woman only needs a short interaction with you to gauge the type of man you are – one that’s hard to place in a box, we know; but a normal interaction can reveal whether you are worth it or not.

Your NSA Ireland dating profile should play a crucial role here, but we’ll get to that later on.

Find NSA Ireland

Tip #2: Test the waters

Some potential fuck buddies Dublin, or those from other parts of the country for that matter, will send you mixed signals. One minute they seem all in, then the next they vanish for days without responding to your messages.

In such instances, establish how hot the lead you are pursuing is before asking for her number.

How do you go about this, you ask?

Play it cool.

Ask her what her plans are for the weekend. If she responds saying she’s open, ask her if she fancies [what do YOU like to do?]. A walk in the park, may be. Hitting the tea shop. Lunch or dinner, perhaps…

Any encounter that allows you the opportunity to get to know each other and enjoy some good banter – that rules out movies on first date. Unless, of course, she’s down with Netflix and chill.

Whatever the proposition, if she says yes, the next step should come naturally – that is, exchanging NSA sex contacts.

An alternative, subtler approach you can use is to ask her how she’s finding the casual sex Ireland dating experience. Providing she’s responsive, that’s more likely to yield an open-ended response – you know, beyond the usual one-word responses.

And even if that comes in the form of a simple “nice” or “It’s okay”, it provides an avenue to dig deeper for information.

Just remember to keep it casual and AVOID turning it into a Question and Answer session.

Assuming she throws the question back at you AND asks more questions, you can assume she’s liking the interaction and liking you too.


Seize the moment and let her know that you value in-person interactions more and would love to meet up in person to get to know her better.

Go ahead, you can say it exactly like that.

By saying this, what you’re doing is…

1) extending an open invitation to her and

2) giving her the prerogative to suggest a meeting, if it’s what she wants too.

Ireland Hook Up

Tip #3: Take the direct approach

When there seems to be no entry point to broach the subject of phone numbers with the sex buddies near me that you’re eyeing, it is okay to come right out and ask them for their number.

One of the perks of using a sex site Ireland is that you are not conversing with the girl in person, however redundant that sounds. All you need to do is type, hit “Send”, and voila.

The hard part is waiting for her response, a part where many guys get it wrong. If that proves long in coming, some might start bombarding her inbox with a flurry of follow-up messages while there are those who might resort to insults.

But you are neither.

You are a man of high value, so always take the high road and be content in the knowledge that that’s the way it goes.

Some women looking for friends with benefits Ireland will be responsive, others will be lukewarm and take their sweet time in responding, and there will always be those who lack the common courtesy to even give you a simple “yes” or “no”.

That’s just the way the world works and it is to be expected. Approaching women to fuck in your area with this mindset will leave you less frustrated when your outbox messages outnumber the response rate.

On the bright side, you can always revel in the fact that free hook up sites Ireland are teeming with women looking for mates, and the law of probability dictates that sooner or later, you will meet someone (or several).

The key is to always approach it with an abundance mindset (plenty of fish in the sea), which should by extension be evident in your interactions.

They [your interactions] will come across as casual, cheerful, not smacking of desperation, and from the point of view that this is a man who’s very much aware of his intrinsic value – all traits that are magnets for women trying their hand in no strings Ireland dating.

Besides, even in the case of the non-responders, you can always circle back months down the line.

Who knows, they may just be up for it this time as you’ve managed to portray yourself as a composed man, respectful, not pushy yet persistent in meeting her.


Be courteous always (not to be misinterpreted for bootlicking) and the girls you find on hookups Ireland sites won’t think you’re just “like all the others”, even if she’s reluctant to give you her contacts.

One way or another, you will know where you stand.

If she doesn’t play uptight and gives you her number, don’t wait too long before texting her or calling to arrange a date.

If she declines your offer, fair play – pat yourself on the back for putting yourself out there. And move on to the next one.

Options baby.

Ireland NSA

Tip #4: Make HER want your number

That’s right!

If you approach adult dating Ireland the right way, you might be the one getting harassed for your number.

For starters, it is important to read your audience.

19-year-old girls eager to find a man to show them the world might fall for the bait you’ve laid out in your profile – a successful man living it big.

The mature ones, not so much.

These ones might value good, honest, mature conversations more as it shows you care and are more likely to respect them – the fact that they may be interested in sex NSA and not marriage notwithstanding.

All in all, it’s good to be honest and genuine with the women you meet on no strings dating Ireland sites.

Depict yourself in the best light, but avoid cat-fishing or misleading women about any aspects of your life, whether it’s finances, relationship history, career, or what-not.

While the younger ones might not give two hoots about it, more mature women looking for NSA hookups are likely to be less forgiving when they find out that huge mansion you posted with the caption “Chillin’ at home” belongs to a friend of your friend who had invited his friend over for drinks and you happened to tag along.


That doesn’t mean you should present yourself like an open book when looking for Irish hookups.

The serious stuff belongs to traditional dating sites. You’re here for NSA dating, so keep things casual and light-hearted and just focus on having fun.

NSA Ireland

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Numbers:

1. Asking for the number too soon/Waiting too long to ask for her number

As we’ve seen, the trick to getting numbers from girls who are active on the NSA Cork or Dublin dating scene (or whichever part of the country you’re in) is to strike a balance in the timing before you go in.

Too soon and it might be interpreted as either premature or desperate.

Too long a delay and it might be perceived as a lack of interest or or lack of cojones, forcing her to search for other potential Cork hookups, or matches from Dublin or wherever it is she lives.

2. Failing to establish if there is any attraction

Attraction is the single-most important aspect when it comes to NSA dating.


Simply because it determines whether you will be a fuck buddy Ireland or end up in the friend zone.

That’s what you should therefore be seeking to build from the get go – you can spark attraction through banter, charm, flirting, looking confident or being masculine.

It is with the latter two that we would advise to try the semen retention (SR) approach – no ejaculation for at least [the magic number is] 14 days.

The testosterone builds up and with it, your levels of confidence and machismo. Naturally. Try it, it’s magical.

Plus, women looking for sex can smell it a mile away. And. They. Love. It.

3. Being desperate for her number

If you’re wondering how to get laid in Ireland, desperation will yield the opposite result. Girls absolutely detest it.

It’s the fastest way for them to separate the weaklings in the male species from those capable of catering to her needs, whether it’s becoming her no strings attached Dublin or sex in Cork partner, meeting her other daily needs, or protecting her offspring.

That said, NEVER say Please when asking a woman for her number.

DON’T ask her twice either.

Don’t make it seem like your primary mission is to get her number. That means the approach should be nonchalant. And when you do get down to asking, be bold and mildly assertive.

For example, “Why don’t we continue this chat on WhatsApp? Leave me your number and I’ll shoot you a message sometime”.

Like the suave cat you are.

Types Of Casual Sex – 7 Ways To Hookup

Sex dating Ireland comes in different forms.

On the face of it, the terms used to describe the different types of local hookups can be used to mean the same thing. Actually, we have used these terms interchangeably in this guide.

In truth, though, there is a fundamental difference that exists between them, albeit nuanced.

Let’s take a brief look at what each entails.


A term that traces its roots to sex encounters that used to happen between two parties who were inebriated – for instance, between classmates or you and the neighbour’s daughter. This could also be known as “making out”.

But a hookup in Ireland these days means something entirely different. It’s a form of non-romantic sex that doesn’t have to involve any alcohol whatsoever.

Anyone can “hook up” with anyone, whether in person or blossoming as an online fuck buddy relationship.

Casual Encounters

Casual dating Ireland can mean any form of non-romantic sexual relationship, be it a brief single night encounter (see one-night stand below), a long-term purely sexual relationship (no feelings involved), or even an on-off type of arrangement.

The idea is to keep things “casual” without transitioning into anything serious.

NSA (No Strings Attached)

Just as the name suggests, no strings dating Ireland involves partners who are in it for the sex and the sex only.

It could be between anyone really, including – for instance – a cuckold wife getting serviced by a younger man. There is minimal chance of anything blossoming out of the sexual relationship.

Hookups Ireland

Friends With Benefits

A phrase that has increasingly grown common over the last couple of years, friends with benefits Ireland are people who have come to know each other and whose relationship is now founded on the premise that they can count on each other for sex whenever the desire strikes or circumstances allow.

The relationship can start either offline or online if you manage to find a match when looking for a quick fuck near me.

Fuck Buddies

While still non-romantic in nature, the thing that differentiates a fuck buddies Ireland relationship from the other types of casual sex (two things actually) is that this type of encounter can…
1) occur over an extended period of time and
2) has the potential to morph into something more serious.

That’s why if you want to keep feelings from creeping in, you’re advised to abide by the fuck buddy code of conduct.

Asking her what she had for breakfast or how the office meeting transpired is only going to get you two closer. Don’t underestimate the power of sex, especially with no condoms involved.

Mature Casual Sex

Mature sex Ireland can be a general phrase denoting sex between two adults (that includes anyone above 18).

But more specifically, it’s a form of sexual liaison between parties over 40 who are involved in what is generally described as adult dating Ireland.

One Night Stand

A phrase you’re most likely familiar with, this is a sexual encounter between two parties that lasts (yup!) just for a night.

The exception to this party rule is when the parties involved in the one night stand Ireland take to each other so much so that they decide to have a return leg.

Or two.

Or more.

Places To Meet Girls Ireland

3 Mistakes To Avoid With Casual Dating:

1. Seeking her validation or approval

When getting into the NSA Dublin scene, or elsewhere for that matter, many men fall into this trap, often without knowing it.

Matter of fact, trying to qualify yourself to women is one of the most common mistakes guys make when trying out casual encounters Ireland or even regular dating.

But seeking her approval or validation will only serve to decrease her attraction towards you.

Avoid gloating about your high-flying job, athletic ability or any talk along those lines. It’s better if she finds this out by herself.

Not only do you avoid looking desperate, but this also creates a sense of intrigue where she begins to wonder “Who’s this guy?”.

2. Over-complimenting her

Sure, every man and his brother within a 10-kilometre radius looking for sex in Ireland can see she’s well-endowed on the tits department.

Which means she’s received hundreds (if not thousands) of comments praising her great assets. That’s why you need to be different.

Don’t compliment her until she’s your girlfriend otherwise you risk being put in the ‘just like all the other guys’ category. 

Even then, compliment her sparingly so she doesn’t start to build a princess mindset and/or think you’re just another guy telling her what she already knows.

And you certainly don’t want her feeling like she’s doing you mere mortals a favour just to be breathing the same air as you.

Don’t tell her how exotic she looks or how pretty she is. What that does is raise her value too much, giving her the impression that she’s a bigger prize that’s beyond your level.

3. Letting the conversation lose momentum

You’ve probably managed to find some prospective fuck friends near me after a search. You’ve matched someone cute and got things rolling with a great intro that reeled her right in.

At this point, you want to avoid the chat steering into small talk along the likes of “how’s your week going?”.

She knows you’re looking for sex now (or ultimately rather) so when the talk descends into this level, you risk losing her interest.

Keep in mind you’re not the only guy looking to hookup Ireland. However, also remember that majority of these men are sending her the same cookie-cutter messages – “Hey cutie!” or “Looking hot hot hot! Want to get to know you.”, etc. etc. So cheesy.

Thus, aim for thoughtful questions and feel her out first before you put a date on the table – not too soon, but not letting the spark fizzle out with a drawn-out exchange either.

Ireland Girls – Best Ways To Meet Local Women

Modern-day dating has become synonymous with dating sites and apps whose convenience has made them the preferred medium to go looking for partners for many people, whether it’s looking for hook up Ireland encounters or searching for true love.

When it comes to finding sex in Ireland, the success of your exploits will hinge a lot on your presentation – in other words, your profile.

No matter the Irish sex site you’re registered on, your profile will be one of your two biggest selling points (the other being your approach).

It is like a company website to a business; a resume to a job applicant. It’s the first thing you will be judged on.

The more unique, the more you stand out. The better it looks, the higher your chances of appealing to your audience – in this case, women looking to find a fuck buddy.

Just like you.

For that reason, pour some hours into polishing up your profile:

a) Put up a nice looking main profile pic, which needs to be a solo shot.

b) A red top will win you points (women perceive red as daring, and they love a daring man).

c) No smiling in the primary photo

Save that for LinkedIn. Ironically, women are more likely to respond to non-smiling faces. It all has to do with intrigue, the one thing that is sure to pique the interest of any woman, whether they’re just looking for sex or hunting for a partner to spend the rest of their days with.

This is not to be misinterpreted for frowning. You see the kind of face you put on when shooting pool? Full of focus and intensity.

Potential NSA Ireland members of the opposite sex want to see you in that light. Just make it look natural and effortless.

d) For best results, add at least two more images to support the main profile picture.

You’re allowed to smile in these ones. One can show you doing something interesting (what’s your hobby?) and the other can be of you in a social setting.

e) Fill in the blanks

The bio (you could say, for example, that you’re looking for a fuck buddy Dublin or simply looking for NSA (no strings attached) relationship); include your age and all those other details.

Now that you know what typically goes into a good profile, next comes the issue of choosing a good platform to take your search for mature sex Ireland partners.

Here are a few of the best hookup sites Ireland you should definitely give a try when searching for people looking to fuck near me.

Where To Meet Women Ireland

Websites & Apps – 5 Places To Meet Girls In Ireland

NSAireland.com (this site you’re on now)

A website with an app-like screen when you visit on a mobile device, you can join for free and start searching for local singles nearby immediately.

More features are available to full members. It you’re looking for sexy, horny singles across Ireland in all major cities through to small towns, give it a try.


A lot of people have for years relied on Tinder to find a sex buddy Ireland. But if you want to try something new, consider Bumble.

It has a swiping function similar to Tinder’s only that in this case, it’s the girls who make the first move. The match is made when both users like each other’s profile.


One of the best options for local adult dating in Ireland, the beauty of BeNaughty is its ability to facilitate casual encounters. There is an element of Ashley Madison to it in that it also facilitates hook-ups between couples and singles.

Elite Singles

As the name suggests, Elite Singles prides itself as being “a cut above” other dating sites. This is more than just a site you can use to find a quick fuck.

It’s the best place to find adult contacts Ireland because the crowd here (typically over 40) is not the type to play small mind games. The matchmaking is intelligent too, relying on a personality test to match up users.

Get It On

Get It On has a great matching process that absolves you of the need to sift through thousands of profiles. If you’re looking for Ireland sex buddies who are into kinks, this is the site for you.

We would also advise to try out Craigslist if you need quick sex near me.

Meet Girls Online Ireland

3 Mistakes To Avoid On Dating Sites & Apps:

1. Not reading bios – When doing a search for potential hookups near me now, avoid judging the books by the covers alone.

Skipping over the bio section is a missed opportunity because it provides a glimpse into someone’s personality through the few lines they have on up.

Plus, it’s a gold mine for potential kick-ass opening lines you could be using on Ireland single girls.

2. Making the connection sexual way too early – That will work on the personals Ireland section, but coming on too strong with opening lines like “are you DTF (down to fuck?)” or “nice rear” after finding a match might get you stonewalled, blocked, or perceived as a creep, never mind lowering your value.

Don’t forget, the girls you unearth when looking for fuck buddys near me are not women of the night. They are decent people just trying out some adult fun dating.

3. Poor photo selection – Dick pics in your profile may be way over the top, but unless you’re on the beach, shirtless photos too are a no-no.

Just dress up nicely and the women on the Irish hookup sites won’t fail to notice your fantastic build – which should create a sense of intrigue in itself as you won’t come across as one who’s too keen to show off their pecs.

Avoid group shots in the primary photo as well (but it’s okay to include one in your supporting images) and always opt for clear photos that don’t look like they were taken in 1996, complete with timestamps.

What’s the best website to hookup in Ireland?

When looking for fuck buddies near me, the single best website to find hookups is NSAireland.com .

But try your hand in a few and see what works best in your case. For instance, you might find it easier to score a quick sex date Ireland on Craigslist than if you’re on Elite Singles.

Curvy Single Ladies Ireland

Ireland Dogging – A New Way To Hookup?

Porn is the most consumed content on the web, but what if there was a way you could watch people getting it on in real life? There is. It’s called dogging.

This is a phenomenon that originated in England around the year 2000 and has since become a craze in many countries around the world, complete with active dogging communities.

Dogging is a type of Ireland sex dating that involves having sex in front of strangers in public or semi-public areas such as car parks and woodlands.

Those involved in the voyeuristic role (aka the watchers) may be invited to join in on the act, but in the event they are not, they are very much allowed to jerk off when the proceedings get too heated.

What is not allowed, however, is touching the performers or interfering with the act without their explicit permission.

In fact, there are a whole raft of guidelines (and etiquette rules for the non-performers) that doggers are expected to abide by that one should orient themselves with before attending a dogging session.

As to the legality of it, there is no one particular law that prohibits this form of sex dating in Ireland, although there is an array of offences you could be charged with if caught dogging in public.

These range from gross indecency, to indecent exposure, public lewdness among others.

The reasons people go dogging mostly has to do with the excitement that comes with this form of adult dating. Some love the sense of adventure, others the adrenaline.

Married couples do it to spice up their sex life, while there are those who are looking to explore themselves sexually.

Whatever the reasons, there can be no denying that dogging is an exciting pastime for both the actors and watchers.

If you love a thrill, consider finding a sex buddy near me and find out if they are up for it, although, obviously, this will depend on how open-minded they are.

Regardless, this is one of the many perks of no strings attached dating. Not that couples (including married ones) don’t engage in it as we just pointed out, but some would rather go dogging with a female simply looking for fuck mates nearby as opposed to someone they are married to and probably have children with.

But whatever floats your boat – it’s a personal choice.

So popular has dogging become that you’ll find plenty of dogging locations irrespective of the town or city. Horny Ireland singles (and married ones at that) are always organising dogging events every other week, so it’s not that rare an event if you haven’t attended one already.

Older Single Ladies Ireland

Casual Sex FAQs – Your Questions Answered

How can I get more sex in Ireland?

Get active. There are plenty of sex sites in Ireland at your disposal, but opt for quality over quantity.

That means chose a platform specially catering to casual dating (we gave you some ideas) and don’t spread yourself too thin on the platforms too.

Aim for three max and follow the tips we have outlined here for best results.

How to pickup Irish girls?

Cultivate confidence – Irish women looking for sex love a confident man. Flirt with them – they love good banter.

And whatever you do, don’t worship them.

How can I flirt with girls in Ireland?

Make her laugh. You don’t have to be a comedy genius – just TEASE her. Playfully. Also, behave as if she’s already into you.

And make her comfortable to be around you. So you can touch her on occasion (the arm(s)!) which turns her on.

What is NSA sex?

NSA is an acronym for No Strings Attached sex. That’s what it means.

It’s about having sex with a partner ongoing where there’s no emotion involved, just sex.

How to find NSA sex?

Online sites are your best bet. But you might want to stick to casual dating sites like NSAireland.com.

Or Craigslist, despite the fact they pulled down the personals section.

How can I get Irish girls into bed faster?

There are plenty of ways to catch a fish. Use charm. Get flirty. Be courteous. Groom like a man. Be a good listener.

And show her you can be a leader. Know your value and don’t be needy. The ultimate goal is to build ATTRACTION.

Hookup In Ireland

Wrapping Up

We won’t lie, free sex dating Ireland is heaps of fun. And that’s what you should be looking to do: enjoy it.

Not just through the many conquests you’re envisioning, but also because casual hook-ups need to be approached lightly.

The tips shared herein will hopefully provide a good base for anyone thinking about getting laid in Ireland without the ties that come with a romantic affiliation.

Now lads, go forth and sow your wild oats.