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Even when part of a casual relationship, like NSA in Ireland, men know that it is very important to keep their women happy.

Most men think of this as an impossible task, but for a hookup Ireland, you don’t need to think of it as a lot of hard work.

Keeping a woman happy is most likely a lot easier than you think it will be.

Here are 9 things that you can do to keep a woman happy:

1 – Be Funny
Women love when men make them laugh and if you are funny enough, you are almost guaranteed of a good night.

When it comes to having sex with a woman, happier women will be much more open and willing to try something new in the bedroom.

2 – Show Honesty
Another thing that women love when part of a casual relationship is honesty.

Honesty is so important when in a casual relationship and even if you think she might not want to hear about what you have to say, if she asks, you should tell her.

3 – Listen to What She Says
Many women just want someone to listen to them when they talk. If you are in a relationship like this and your NSA buddy starts talking, do your best to listen to her.

4 – Ask What is Going On in Her Life
Though you might be in a casual relationship, you can also be friends. One of the things that will make a woman happy is when you ask her what is going on with her life.

You don’t need to get detailed with this, but show her some interest.

5 – Be Good in Bed
You can also make sure that you have a happy woman on your hands by being good in bed.

If you can work on your bedroom skills and research pleasing women, you can be quite confident that she will be happy.

6 – Give Her Compliments
Another great way to make a woman happy is by complimenting her.

These don’t need to be over the top compliments, but they should work to boost her self esteem. The more confidence she has, the better the sex will be.

7 – Ask What Her Opinion Is
You also can make sure you keep a woman happy by showing her that her opinion truly matters to you.

Make sure, of course, that you are keeping this on the casual side and that you are not getting too personal, but you certainly want to put in an effort to engage her.

8 – Show Her That You are Available to Her
If you are with a woman she gets in touch with you for sex, you should certainly get back to her.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that you have to meet her, but you should still give her the courtesy of letting her know you got the message. Ignoring her is definitely not a cool thing to do.

9 – Show Your Appreciation
Finally, you want to show a woman that you appreciate her. This can be a bit difficult since you are in a casual relationship and you don’t want to have to buy her a lot of gifts, but you can show appreciation in other ways.

For example, saying ‘thank you’ following sex is always a good move. You can also show appreciation by saying ‘I appreciated when you _______.’

Whatever you say to her to show appreciation will make an impression. She will be happy and you will be a very cool guy.

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